WOW.  That’s a word we like to use a lot in our culture.  Wow is pretty good as summing up quite a lot of things that are good, bad or ugly.  With the right intonation it signifies a situation pretty credibly without the use of more syllables or further explanation.

Tonight’s “WOW” is of the Jesus kind.  The kind that is said because you have no other way of describing what is happening….our earthly words cannot really explain the feelings, thoughts or prayers behind a situation.  Jesus WOWS have a lot riding on them.  Jesus WOWS make the world a better place.  Jesus WOWS mark an occasion in a spiritual journey, a milestone in a persons walk.

If you haven’t had a Jesus WOW – let me know, I will pray for you!

Myself and three friends received a card today.  Unexpectedly.  It was delivered to Promontory Church for us.  It didn’t name us but the sender was sending it to the four of us who had helped her many months ago.  The staff at the church didn’t know who it was for until they did a little thinking and put some pieces together.

The card said:

“Thank you for your help.  When I think of all the things you’ve done, I simply can’t just stop with one…so thank you again and again!”

It has a very pretty design of some orchids.  And it appropriately, sweetly touching.  However, it was the hand written letter inside of this card that makes the Jesus WOW.  (I sure hope He doesn’t mind my reference like this…)

This past winter Chilliwack had some days of great snowfall.  It was cold, it was snowy, and it affected quite a number of people.

The City of Chilliwack tweeted about the need for snowangels (a program that connects individuals who are in need of driveway and walk way snow shovelling when they are unable to do this themselves).  I saw the tweet during one of those snowdays, and rounded up some friends to head out and clean up some driveways.

The ladies, Ashley Clark, Madeliene Boudreau and Teresa Moore and myself got together all the snowgear and shovels we could find and headed out to save the day!  Well that’s how we felt in the beginning while we had lunch before we went to shovel.

The first location was pretty fun, we felt quite great…like champions of the snow!

The second house, well the shine had worn off a little, we were cold.  We were wet.  We were starting to get tired and sore.  Then the coordinators of the program called and asked if we could do another driveway.   We reluctantly agreed.

After we headed right across town and found the address we quite regretted our agreement.

We arrived to the monster of driveways.  The only thing it had going for it was that it was flat.  Aside from that it was the longest of all the driveways we had cleared – putting the others together did not equal the length of this driveway.  It was also the deepest one.  The most snow and ice we had seen all day.

We trekked up to the house and said hello to the owner.  This lady had been stuck in her home for days.  The group of us had the foresight to load up with essential groceries which we had delivered to everyone we had visited.  She had pretty much ran out of everything so our small container of milk, bread, potatoes, etc was a great help.

THen we got to work.  It probably took us at least an hour to clear this driveway.  We had decided to only clear a necessary path from her garage to the road.  It was too big to do more.  We kept reminding ourselves the entire time that this was for God.  The more we shoveled and sweat (I think we ended up in tank tops and snow pants for the work was hard!), the more we ached, the more we reminded ourselves that this was for Jesus.  We sang worship songs, etc.  We just decided to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Back to the card:  So the letter inside this thank you card we received said this:

“Promontory Church

I have been remiss in thanking you.

In January we had a big snowfall.  The “Snow Angels” from your church, four lovely women, cheerfully, happily & singing, dug out a lot of snow from my driveway.

They were absolutely charming.  They prayed for me and asked if I would like them to pray for anyone and I said my husband in Eden care home.

I had not been able to see him because I had been snowed in for 10 days.

Thanks to their kindness I was able to visit him for what I did know was the last time.

He passed away January 25th, just days after they shoveled out the driveway.

Thanks again.”

That is my Jesus WOW.   If we had given up or not wished to take on that last driveway, this kind sweet lady may not have had that final visit with her husband.  Either she prayed or he prayed.  I might never know.  But the important thing is that a prayer was answered.

Tonight as my friends and I read this card and pondered upon this moment we couldn’t help but be struck by God’s hand in this.

Often we get weary, the to-do list in our days is long.  We often go through the motions.  We often have to dig really deep to do that very last thing on the list.  Yet, that very last thing that pushes you is also the thing that has the greatest impact.

I’m not sharing this for any self-serving reason.  Rather, I’d hope that you would be inspired.  Please step outside your self.  You may not know why that “last thing” has landed on your plate. You may not know why no one else has stepped up to do this.  (We actually were appalled that on this street no neighbour with a freshly shovelled driveway had not made their way over to this lady’s house….one guy would have even used the snowblower for his and we didn’t think it was very nice that they hadn’t come across the road….trying NOT to judge here!!)

But thinking or wondering why no one else, or why you doesn’t really matter.  We may be praying for something and never seeing results for our selves, but you can never measure the number of times that you have been an answer to a prayer.

That act of kindness that seems so random to you may just be the life changing moment a stranger had desperately cried out for.

I can’t believe that we were so honoured and chosen by God to help this lady.  I can’t believe that He would find us so valuable to His Kingdom that He would wish to use us in this way.  I sat back tonight and just thought “Good God” in the highest way possible.  He is so mighty, and we are so designed to be a community.  You, me, the world….every Christ follower is needed for the good of His word but also for the neighbours we have never met.

There is probably a LAST THING on your to-do list for today.  I’m not saying that you need to burn yourself out trying to accomplish the impossible, but try to accomplish the possible.

Now, as for me, I want to challenge you.  YEP THIS POST COMES WITH A CHALLENGE!!

This coming winter, when the residents of our city are in need of neighbours to brave the cold and shovel  I want to know that you will volunteer.  If you have energy, are able-bodied and you can shovel – I better see you out on our streets shovelling!

Maybe snow shovelling is impossible for you….well then…this is still a challenge for you.  We can volunteer in our community a million ways.  Kidcity at Promontory Church needs volunteers for the summer…they are even willing to let you help out just once – your one Sunday could impact one child or another volunteer in way that you might never know….but what an incredible way to serve your neighbour.   You could volunteer for foundations, ushering….and again be that impacting answer to prayer.

We are taking part in the Love Chilliwack day up on Promontory – sign up and help there….or find something in this town to do that does speak to your heart.  Or even if it doesn’t speak to you but you know that you really can do it – that one thing you do might just be answer to a prayer that you haven’t even believed.

As for me, and my friends, I don’t think our journey with God will ever be the same.  This letter did something tangible to our faith.  The evidence of intercession that surrounds my walk will for sure be a Jesus WOW for a long time.