“Then Jesus asked them ‘would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed?  Of course not!  A lamp is placed on a stand where its light will shine”  Mark 4:21

God puts a light in all of us but so many people are afraid to let their light shine.  It gets hidden under daily life, fears and rejections.  We get drawn down into despair by the darkness and don’t feel good enough any longer.  Yet, the one thing that we really need is to let the light that God extends to fill us.  When light enters us and we allow it to fully open in our hearts, we shine so bright as to push all the darkness away.

Praying to ask for the darkness to be kept at bay is the wrong way.  Ask God to fill you with His light, ask Him to fill the places you reside with HIS light.  Once you are filled with the light, the darkness has no chance to get in because His light banishes all darkness.

I have watched some people this week fall into the darkness of despair, losing hope…and I am so sad about this, my heart aches for them.  I have moments where I can see that I could be swept away in darkness, yet I know that the only way to avoid it is to pray with God and to God.  I worship Him with all that I am and all that I have, this way the light that He has surrounds and fills me, giving me the strength the continue and rise up to be His child.

Prayer:  That today, and tomorrow as I go out into the world, to be filled with His light.  To show others how God can light up a life.  To be a living testimony to who God is.