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Emily. — April 30, 2017


My darling baby girl.

My heart is so full for you. I fall in love with you sweetheart every single day. There is one thing that I hope you always know, and that is love. I hope you know that God loves you and that I love you, that every breath you draw matters to us. That love is unconditional, whole and without condemnation.

I cannot know where your life will take you, or all the things you will experience, but what I can control is giving you a place to call home – a shelter from the storm, refuge and safety with me.

A woman’s place in the world can be hard, and I will do my best to equip you with the wisdom you’ll need to be in the world but not of the world.

My darling Emily. You are perfect in my eyes and heart. Your beauty is not defined by your looks. Your beauty is not defined by what others can take from you.

Your beauty is defined by the goodness you give, the love you share, the happiness and joy you draw from the Lord. Your beauty is your soul. Always remember that it is your soul that requires the most care. It is your soul that needs to have its foundation grounded in faith and family.

Unfortunately, girls can be so easily damaged by the world. My prayers for you little lady will want to protect you from all, and I’m already sorry for what I cannot prevent but I hope my life experiences will be shared with you when it’s appropriate and that you will learn from my mistakes.

You smile and coo and giggle, and I never want these days to end. I know they will and I do my best to appreciate the moments we have now.

You are eight weeks old and yet I feel like I have been your momma forever. My body gave you life, and every cell of my being cannot forget you.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:25-26‬ ‭

We chose these verses for your dedication because we hope we can, with the guidance and promise from God, help you to be this woman. We might fail my dear, but we will have always tried.

Surround yourself with light and you cannot do anything but shine my princess.

Baby Boy. — March 20, 2016

Baby Boy.

Baby Boy.  Today we dedicate you.

Baby boy we give you to the Lord. We dedicate you to Him.

You are our first born, and as with all things we give our first to God. We ask him to walk this road with you.

Baby boy.

Baby boy I pray for you to have a loving life. I pray for you to grow knowing you are loved by your parents, adored and loved beyond all measure. That you will always know God loves you and has so much grace for you – your home will always be in him.

I hope people around you know you as a loving, respectful and kind person, someone who lends a helping hand and is pleasant.

Someone who smiles and enjoys life but who also is real and genuine about your struggles, fears, hopes and dreams.

I want you to have a good career, for the stability it can bring to your life, but more than money, as your mommy, I’m more concerned with who you are than what you do.

The world is a big place baby boy but the attitude we carry, the friends we make, and what we bring to the table makes this big world very small. Choose wisely how you walk in your small world baby boy.

Isaiah 28:16

“Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: “Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem. It is firm,  a tested and precious cornerstone that is safe to build on. Whoever believes need never run away again.”

Baby boy we chose this scripture for your life because we want you to know God is your cornerstone. If you are building anything you need a firm base. Set your life on a firm foundation baby boy.


Why I’m choosing to be joyful… — December 2, 2015

Why I’m choosing to be joyful…

It’s just over 5 weeks until my baby arrives (well to the dr’s due date…the baby will decide when he or she comes).

I’ve been blessed to have a mostly easy pregnancy.  As my nurse says they love boring pregnancies like mine.  People tell me I’m glowing, and that I look great.  And that’s lovely and encouraging…until you post anything or say anything anywhere about how excited you are..and then you get all the parental nightmare comments.  “Enjoy it now because soon you won’t”  – every pregnant woman right now has to endure these statements.

Well let me explain that no matter how hard parenting gets, no matter how exhausted I’ll be I will still be grateful to God for granting me this desperate cry of my heart.

My husband and I didn’t meet until last year.  We were married this year, and fell pregnant immediately.

I spent years wishing and waiting to find a husband, this husband.  I spent years wishing and waiting to have a baby, this baby.  I spent time wondering why, why I was alone, why I didn’t have the family I longed for.  I spent time crying in my heart for this very thing I have right now.

As 30 approached, and then 31 and 32, and then 33 happened I couldn’t understand that if I had this longing in my heart for a family, for a husband, for a baby that why it wasn’t happening.  Did I have unresolved sin that I hadn’t taken to God?  As 33 was approaching I thought maybe it just wasn’t part of my life plan, that maybe my nephews and niece were to be my focus, because I really do love them like my own.  Being an aunty has filled me with so much joy…walking to the door of my sisters home and hearing them jump with joy to see me, excitement for adventures with me…it was and is fulfilling in its own right.

And then right around 33 happening, this man came along.  I resisted getting to know him until God swiftly pointed out that I didn’t even know him…and so I got to know him.  And it didn’t take us both long to figure out this person, this person is and was THE person.

In the months of our engagement we talked about children, we decided how many children we’d like, but mostly we prayed about it and gave it to God.   Both certain that God, as the creator of life, is in control of when (or even if) a baby would be given to us.

A few quick weeks into marriage and we believed I was pregnant but we would have to wait two weeks before we could do a pregnancy test.  We were excited.  Every day we read things online that gave the “top 10 signs you’re pregnant” and correlated the changes in my body to what these lists said.  Every day we prayed “God if we aren’t pregnant then let us continue to be faithful to you, but if we are please keep us safe and strong and let this baby grow stronger each day.”  My husband prayed when we drove, or when we woke in the morning, or when we went to bed at night.

When we did the test and could confirm what we knew for sure by that point my husband prayed again.  Thanking God for this blessing, for knowing our hearts, and asked for His protection.  We had peace and joy and blessing and love.

And I know people mean to be well-meaning…they want to give you advice, we are after all new parents who really probably don’t have a 100% clue of what we are doing, but on those days when I’m overwhelmed and exhausted, when I haven’t slept and I’m sick, and my husband is exhausted but he still needs to go to work because we have bills to pay, and I can’t remember my own name, let alone figure out just what my babies cry means, it won’t be the “reality check” statements that will get me through, it will be the people who told us “hey parenting is difficult and exhausting but the dark moments will pass and when your baby smiles at you, or snuggles just a little closer to you, that you will forget all the troubles” those are the statements that will help us through.

I didn’t spend tears wishing for all this, or reading friends “I’m so tired and exhausted” posts on facebook being slightly sad that I wasn’t experiencing that to now decide that the reality of motherhood is too much.

Every uncomfortable belly kick is a reminder that new life is growing inside me, a relief that my baby is living.

I’ve spent years longing for all of this, so I’m not going to give myself a mind-set that it will be too much.  And if people are saying the negatives as a way of justifying how crappy they felt in the beginning, well you cannot rain on my parade.

I am choosing to relish this.  I will pray each day for God’s strength to be a better mother this new day than I was the day before.

Every pregnant woman has to endure negative comments from other women, and I just don’t understand why.  Why can’t you, before saying something negative, think instead of how to lift up and support this woman?  Why do you want to see the joy momentarily leave her eyes while she questions if she is doing right or wrong?

You don’t need to say “you look huge” or “are you sure there’s only one in there?” or “enjoy your alone time now because you’ll never have the chance to relax again” or “well you’re excited now but wait until you haven’t slept for days” or “make sure you keep your husband happy so he won’t leave you or resent the baby” or all the other negative things you think it’s your duty to inform us weaker, inexperienced newbie moms.

If you are a mother, you have a wonderful life experience to draw upon to build up others.  I’m sure when you were me, you were grateful on the hard days to hear what you were doing right…and probably needed to hear that most of all on the hardest days.

So politely and kindly I’m saying please keep that nothing nice to say to yourself.  I’m filing the negative under “I can’t hear you” and instead I’m choosing “Always be joyful” and once I’ve got the experience down I’m going to choose that for other moms too.  I will keep in my mind how it feels to hear the worst and instead I’ll choose to share the best.  Not because I’m fake pretending everything is awesome, but because if motherhood was so terrible no one would ever have more than one, and we’d have gone extinct long ago.  And I can’t imagine a world without beautiful babies and loved children.  After all love saved us, and it will save a new mom on her hardest days.


Resurrection… — April 14, 2015


It’s been years, YEARS, since I wrote on here.  I decided the last time I made an entry, all the way back in 2012, that I would re-find the passion from previous seasons and get back into the groove of writing.  And then I fell off the wagon.  I left my keyboard somewhere in storage, along with the part of my heart that had anything to say.

Fast-forward almost three years, and I’m newly married.  Life is vastly different.  That person that used to write in this blog is completely changed.  But also a better version of who I was as well.  The maturity of someone in their 30’s means a better balance to life and a maturity that has been developed into something deeper.

Fairly soon after that last entry, I started a ladies only, single ladies only, bible study with a focus on intentionality.  Bringing a foundation of approaching life in a few areas, with an intentional focus of how to grow, live, lead, and love the place you are at.  We covered career, family, friends, emotional aspects.  Our group of Left Hand Ladies focused on growing and living a Godly life.  We cried together.  We ate far too much chocolate.  And for two years we developed a deep, lasting friendship group.

Then as seasons go, it ended last year.  I’d intended to lead that group for two years.  And for two years I did.   It was the right amount of time for that season.  But it was tough going.  I learned a lot about myself.  And faced a trying time developing better leadership skills.

As much I loved that group, by the time it was over I was emotionally drained.  And ready to drop everything.  And drop everything I did.  I knew I couldn’t keep my head in all the roles I was leading.  I could tell that this time was the time to step back from everything, absolutely everything.  And I felt guilty.

I prayed to God, asking him to give me permission to take this time out.  I’d had a lot of commitments and I felt like I would be letting many people down if I just stepped back.  But I knew I had zero capacity to lead well.  And thankfully God wasn’t putting the pressure on me to work through it.  He knows my heart, and knew what I needed to do.

Stepping back was good. Peaceful.  And God filled it with plenty of time to renew my energy.  And plenty of time to read and re-fill myself.  I didn’t expect to be so changed as I am.

During this re-charge time God connected me to a man, who would become my husband.  In that time from June to April, life changed in leaps and bounds.

And now I’m back.  Renewed, refreshed, and looking to the future of this path.

Resurrection is looking good.

Jesus WOW. — May 29, 2012

Jesus WOW.

WOW.  That’s a word we like to use a lot in our culture.  Wow is pretty good as summing up quite a lot of things that are good, bad or ugly.  With the right intonation it signifies a situation pretty credibly without the use of more syllables or further explanation.

Tonight’s “WOW” is of the Jesus kind.  The kind that is said because you have no other way of describing what is happening….our earthly words cannot really explain the feelings, thoughts or prayers behind a situation.  Jesus WOWS have a lot riding on them.  Jesus WOWS make the world a better place.  Jesus WOWS mark an occasion in a spiritual journey, a milestone in a persons walk.

If you haven’t had a Jesus WOW – let me know, I will pray for you!

Myself and three friends received a card today.  Unexpectedly.  It was delivered to Promontory Church for us.  It didn’t name us but the sender was sending it to the four of us who had helped her many months ago.  The staff at the church didn’t know who it was for until they did a little thinking and put some pieces together.

The card said:

“Thank you for your help.  When I think of all the things you’ve done, I simply can’t just stop with one…so thank you again and again!”

It has a very pretty design of some orchids.  And it appropriately, sweetly touching.  However, it was the hand written letter inside of this card that makes the Jesus WOW.  (I sure hope He doesn’t mind my reference like this…)

This past winter Chilliwack had some days of great snowfall.  It was cold, it was snowy, and it affected quite a number of people.

The City of Chilliwack tweeted about the need for snowangels (a program that connects individuals who are in need of driveway and walk way snow shovelling when they are unable to do this themselves).  I saw the tweet during one of those snowdays, and rounded up some friends to head out and clean up some driveways.

The ladies, Ashley Clark, Madeliene Boudreau and Teresa Moore and myself got together all the snowgear and shovels we could find and headed out to save the day!  Well that’s how we felt in the beginning while we had lunch before we went to shovel.

The first location was pretty fun, we felt quite great…like champions of the snow!

The second house, well the shine had worn off a little, we were cold.  We were wet.  We were starting to get tired and sore.  Then the coordinators of the program called and asked if we could do another driveway.   We reluctantly agreed.

After we headed right across town and found the address we quite regretted our agreement.

We arrived to the monster of driveways.  The only thing it had going for it was that it was flat.  Aside from that it was the longest of all the driveways we had cleared – putting the others together did not equal the length of this driveway.  It was also the deepest one.  The most snow and ice we had seen all day.

We trekked up to the house and said hello to the owner.  This lady had been stuck in her home for days.  The group of us had the foresight to load up with essential groceries which we had delivered to everyone we had visited.  She had pretty much ran out of everything so our small container of milk, bread, potatoes, etc was a great help.

THen we got to work.  It probably took us at least an hour to clear this driveway.  We had decided to only clear a necessary path from her garage to the road.  It was too big to do more.  We kept reminding ourselves the entire time that this was for God.  The more we shoveled and sweat (I think we ended up in tank tops and snow pants for the work was hard!), the more we ached, the more we reminded ourselves that this was for Jesus.  We sang worship songs, etc.  We just decided to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Back to the card:  So the letter inside this thank you card we received said this:

“Promontory Church

I have been remiss in thanking you.

In January we had a big snowfall.  The “Snow Angels” from your church, four lovely women, cheerfully, happily & singing, dug out a lot of snow from my driveway.

They were absolutely charming.  They prayed for me and asked if I would like them to pray for anyone and I said my husband in Eden care home.

I had not been able to see him because I had been snowed in for 10 days.

Thanks to their kindness I was able to visit him for what I did know was the last time.

He passed away January 25th, just days after they shoveled out the driveway.

Thanks again.”

That is my Jesus WOW.   If we had given up or not wished to take on that last driveway, this kind sweet lady may not have had that final visit with her husband.  Either she prayed or he prayed.  I might never know.  But the important thing is that a prayer was answered.

Tonight as my friends and I read this card and pondered upon this moment we couldn’t help but be struck by God’s hand in this.

Often we get weary, the to-do list in our days is long.  We often go through the motions.  We often have to dig really deep to do that very last thing on the list.  Yet, that very last thing that pushes you is also the thing that has the greatest impact.

I’m not sharing this for any self-serving reason.  Rather, I’d hope that you would be inspired.  Please step outside your self.  You may not know why that “last thing” has landed on your plate. You may not know why no one else has stepped up to do this.  (We actually were appalled that on this street no neighbour with a freshly shovelled driveway had not made their way over to this lady’s house….one guy would have even used the snowblower for his and we didn’t think it was very nice that they hadn’t come across the road….trying NOT to judge here!!)

But thinking or wondering why no one else, or why you doesn’t really matter.  We may be praying for something and never seeing results for our selves, but you can never measure the number of times that you have been an answer to a prayer.

That act of kindness that seems so random to you may just be the life changing moment a stranger had desperately cried out for.

I can’t believe that we were so honoured and chosen by God to help this lady.  I can’t believe that He would find us so valuable to His Kingdom that He would wish to use us in this way.  I sat back tonight and just thought “Good God” in the highest way possible.  He is so mighty, and we are so designed to be a community.  You, me, the world….every Christ follower is needed for the good of His word but also for the neighbours we have never met.

There is probably a LAST THING on your to-do list for today.  I’m not saying that you need to burn yourself out trying to accomplish the impossible, but try to accomplish the possible.

Now, as for me, I want to challenge you.  YEP THIS POST COMES WITH A CHALLENGE!!

This coming winter, when the residents of our city are in need of neighbours to brave the cold and shovel  I want to know that you will volunteer.  If you have energy, are able-bodied and you can shovel – I better see you out on our streets shovelling!

Maybe snow shovelling is impossible for you….well then…this is still a challenge for you.  We can volunteer in our community a million ways.  Kidcity at Promontory Church needs volunteers for the summer…they are even willing to let you help out just once – your one Sunday could impact one child or another volunteer in way that you might never know….but what an incredible way to serve your neighbour.   You could volunteer for foundations, ushering….and again be that impacting answer to prayer.

We are taking part in the Love Chilliwack day up on Promontory – sign up and help there….or find something in this town to do that does speak to your heart.  Or even if it doesn’t speak to you but you know that you really can do it – that one thing you do might just be answer to a prayer that you haven’t even believed.

As for me, and my friends, I don’t think our journey with God will ever be the same.  This letter did something tangible to our faith.  The evidence of intercession that surrounds my walk will for sure be a Jesus WOW for a long time.

Sometimes it takes giving up in order to carry on. — May 20, 2012

Sometimes it takes giving up in order to carry on.

Normally my posts are about things that stir my heart, or something I’ve struggled with and overcome with God, etc.

I normally don’t blame God for anything.

10 days ago was a pretty different story.

For the first time as being a Christian, I gave up on God.  I didn’t stop believing that He exists.  I didn’t doubt the great things that He has done.  I did, however, decide that praying for the things closest to my heart did not work.

It wasn’t a crisis of faith, Per Se.  More a crisis of prayer.  Maybe that’s really one and the same.

A few weeks ago I went to our PCC Young Adults group (my last time, not because of what happened after that night but just because I work later now, and I’m just moving on – it’s time, in a good way).  I don’t really remember what the topic was (I’m going to use the excuse that I got there late, due to the fact that I was working, so that’s the reason I don’t know what it was specifically we were talking about………..erm.)

At the end of the discussion a few people shared some names of who we’d like to pray for in our lives.  We prayed for those people and went on our way.  The names of those that we’d all shared to pray for were then shared on our webpage in order to keep those names in our minds.

Thus started one of the worst weeks for my family.

Mostly all of you know that no one else in my family is a Christian.  It’s always on my heart that they will find a way to God.  And will be saved for eternity, because let’s face it, the main reason we really want our loved ones to find God is so that we can then spend the rest of time in heaven with them and don’t have to be separated from those we care about the most.

The desire to have my family have a relationship with Christ is always in my heart.  It’s there like that shadow of grey that can hang over you on the sunniest of days.  It keeps me at 99% rather than 100%.  It’s carried.  It’s a burden (but not in the unwelcome sense).  I pray about it, but sometimes it just becomes a pray in the prayer list.  It’s tough when it starts to become years of praying for the same thing and nothing changes at all.

I did say that it became the worst week…so I’ll get back to that.

SO prayers were shared, prayers were posted.  We prayed.  (At least I did, I assume the rest of the Young Adults group put these names into their prayers).

And Satan must have been pretty rankled by this incessant prayer. I imagine that when we pray for something deep in our hearts that it must sound like white noise from the tv on it’s highest volume to the ears of satan, which might be why he rears his ugly head in such an angry fashion.

So as the prayers continued for the week, my family entered quite likely our most unhappy, unpleasant week together.  After a few days of misery, I gave up.  By giving up, I threw a temper tantrum like an unruly two year old at God.  I stomped my feet, I cried, I wailed.  And then I crossed my arms, stuck out my tongue, and sat in the corner and refused to speak.  And probably kicked a few innocent cats that walked by.

The week in question was leading up to Mother’s Day and my mum’s 50th birthday.  So it was an important week in my family.  And I was mad.  I was mad that I had not thought ahead and had chosen this week to start my prayer crusade for my family.  My internal dialogue went something like this:

“What a stupid week to ask for prayer, you know satan doesn’t like it and that he’d try to make a stand against you, so why would you do this to your family this week of all weeks”

“You’ve been praying for them for years, why would you step it up on this week?  Do you have a desire to really destroy your family?”

“This is always happens when you pray for something, it gets messy and it SUCKS”

“What did you think was really going to happen?  Did you actually think that somehow this week your family would start picking up a bible and want to go to church?  of course not, so why pick this week?”

And on and on it went.

You’ll notice quite immediately that my self-dialogue did not include God.  In fact, as things were getting messy and the arguments were happening (about things that were completely unrelated to faith) I stopped talking to God altogether.  And I didn’t even notice that I’d stopped.

Until the Saturday afternoon of that week.  I quit.  To quote my self.  “I quit everything”.  I was quitting praying, my family, my life…whatever it was that I could quit I was going to quit.  So take that God.  I’m not doing this anymore.

And after that moment things got better.  There were some “I’m sorry”‘s exchanged within the family.  Plans were re-made.  We drew a line under some stuff and decide to re-group as a family and continue on with our plans.

And for Saturday, Sunday and Monday my family spent more time together than we had probably spent in a long time.  And it was good.  It still had some of the awkwardness from the week before hanging over the time…but in the true British fashion we smiled and kept our stiff upperlip in place until the feelings subsided and we could believe in our choice to let it all go.  After all we are family, and blood is thicker than water, and at the end of the day we all do love each other.

I chose not to go to church at all on that Sunday.  It was the 3rd Sunday I’d missed since becoming a Christian.  And because of my temper tantrum heart at that time, it felt good to not go.

A few days later, it clicked to what had happened.  I gave it all to God.  On that previous Saturday when I thought I was sticking my tongue out to God, what I’d really done was tell him to deal with it because I’d given up.

I should have given him the control a few days earlier and saved myself and everyone else the heartache.  But at the time in the emotions of what was going on I couldn’t find the light.  I was trying to control everything was going on around me.  Instead of speaking to God (which I’d thought I was doing) I was trying to tell him what to do.

The biggest thing that happened on that Saturday was that I had had my first moment where I was so angry with God that I couldn’t speak anymore.  It scared me.  It hurt me.  I have no idea how he felt about it.

The two friends I’d talked to at the time (which wasn’t intended, they’d just both happened to message at the peak of my temper tantrum….thanks friends!) told me to keep on praying.  I wrote to them that I wasn’t going to pray for my family ever again.  And immediately after those statements – they both said, in complete disregard to what I’d written that I needed to “keep on praying”.  I was a little mad at what they’d said, but I didn’t tell them that.

A week later and I’m really doing ok now.  We’re talking again….or rather I am listening again.  And life continues.  No one in my family is picking up a bible….but I’m still praying for it.  I’m praying for a lot of other things too.

Sometimes it takes giving up in order to carry on.

Something different — April 25, 2012

Something different

Usually my posts are in regards to faith or some social issue that’s really hurting me to hear about.  Tonight’s is different.  For the first time these thoughts are not about my walk with God.  Tonight, I’m talking about the Canucks.

Actually Roberto Luongo to be exact.  First of all, almost everyone who likes hockey, who like the Canucks, who hates the Canucks or who hates hockey probably has opinion about our goaltending situation, or lack thereof.  So while I may say nothing different I just wanted to get my two cents in (and right now, my two cents is still just two cents, in the fall this will be increasing to a solid nickel, which you may not be able to afford, so enjoy this while it lasts).

When I heard that Mr. Luongo had confirmed with the press that he would be open to a trade if that was what the team wanted I was sad.  Sad that this player had come to mean this in Vancouver.

For 6 seasons our Luuuuuuuu has been the starting goaltender.  He has been part of the team and contributed to the Canucks being President’s Trophy winners.  He has helped this team go the playoffs, a lot.

The thing I have liked the least is the people blaming a loss upon the goaltender.  Granted, there can be, and there have been games where the performance of the goaltender has directly impacted the result of the game…where the team in front of the net has put on a solid performance but the goalie, being off of his game has meant a loss.  More often than not when you get to the glittering NHL level of hockey, a teams loss is chalked up to many more factors than a goaltender.

It’s the fan though who usually blame one player.

I think that it’s terrible the way that Roberto Luongo has been treated this year in Vancouver.  Regardless of what you think of him as a player, the vilification of him across social media pages has been nothing short of a witch hunt.  Oh the Canucks lost tonight?  Must be Luongo’s fault – even if the posting person didn’t even watch the game.

Then there’s been the re-hashing of game 7 from last years Stanley Cup final, that’s gotten an added emphasis to the negative for Luongo.  I watched that game, in it’s heartbreaking entirety.  If you can blame that single game loss on Luongo, then I’m pretty sure you have never understood hockey, the game, loved it or really ever had your eyes open.  If you blame that loss on him, you’re a fool.  Plain and simple.  I watched that game in disbelief as the it seemed like an ENTIRE team could not get themselves together.  To win a game you need to score goals.  You think the goaltender should keep a team in it when they can’t get themselves together at the defence or forward lines?  NO WAY. Hockey is a team sport.  If you’ve only won a game because your goaltender kept you in it, then you have no business playing a league final game.

The thing that upsets me the most if Luongo leaves this year, is that he will leave on such a down note.  Ungrateful fans who have turned against a great player (let’s not forget that his save percentage in regular season was better that a certain fastly named Kings goaltender).

If I was the Canucks management I’d probably want to trade Luuu.  Not because of his performance, but because of the so-called fan performance.  It’s not fair to keep a player playing in such hostile conditions.  It’s not fair to a player to have sports headlines in the Vancouver papers constantly evaluating his play after every single save.  It’s not fair to pay him what he’s worth to have the selected, noisy, mob leering at him.  So in fairness to Luongo, I’d say a trade is the best thing for him.

However, I don’t think that he should be traded because he cannot play the game, or because he’s not good enough.  He has proved himself repeatedly.  If you had to prove yourself a fan of the Canucks – would you be more consistent than this goalie?  hmmm.

Vancouver has a love-hate relationship with their goaltenders.  One week everyone is raving about them, the next tearing them apart.

What worries me:  the fans that are on the “Trade Luongo Train”  will be the same fans who start to tear apart Corey Schnieder.  If Luuu is gone, these anti-Luongo “fans” will be chanting their “love Schnieds” poster and rhetoric all over town, until the beloved Schnieder loses a game, or two, or ten, or half a season.  Then what happens?

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